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Jose Fuentes Youth Pastor

Contact me through email pastorjfuentes@gmail.com or call cell phone 209-819-1805.

New Life Student Ministries

“Back To School”

Summer has had many great memories here at New Life Community Church and for our students. It’s been God, that has touched the growth of the ministry. Our focus has been giving each the tools, to be different in this culture. Our love for Jesus has grown through growing pains and putting our trust in God. Just as we’re entering a new school year, it’s time to take our spiritual growth and apply it to our life. We are called to be different!
New friends, old friends, nice teachers, scary teachers, new style of dress and a fresh timetable. Going back to school is a day that certain to happen, comes each year. Some love it, others hate it or perhaps you just go through the motions indifferently. Regardless of how It makes you feel you have to go, so how do you make the most of it? How will you make this year at school worthwhile? It’s time for you to step up your game and let Jesus take control!
School is an incredible place where you meet hundreds of young people and spend time with them 5 days a week for about 40 weeks a year. That presents an amazing opportunity to witness and share the gospel with so many people. In fact the best people to reach out to these students are students. The way you live and talk to your friends can be very powerful.
Our faith as being Christians truly point us to look at school the ultimate mission field. God prepared us to in advance to stand out and step up when we go back to school this year. These are few scriptures to remind us, what tools we have to live this year in His perspective.
MEET (Hebrews 10:25): Find out if there are other Christians at your school, and make effort to build a closer relationship with them. Together you could start a Christian club.
TALK (1 Peter 3:15): Tell your friends what you do on the weekend, tell them about youth group or church and then invite them along. Tell your friends about your faith.
LIVE (Matthew 5:16): Live like Jesus. Don’t get caught up in gossip, materialism, slander or any ways of this world. But be different and people will notice, then you can point them to Jesus.
PRAY (Colossians 4:2): Pray for your peers, that they might come to know Jesus because prayer is powerful.
My prayer for you is that you make this year special, making a difference! Be bold and stand out for Jesus. Don’t waste the time you have now and the opportunities that come at school. No matter where you’re at in life, God is using you for His purpose. Jesus died for all our sake and he has sent us out to make disciples of all people.
Jose Fuentes


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